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    How to complete Boss Modes. The pro way.


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    How to complete Boss Modes. The pro way.

    Post  +Patriaa+ on Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:38 pm

    Dark Monestary

    Hello, and welcome to my first guide. I'm writing this off of personal experience and do note that I do this Bm quite often. Anyways, off with the guide!

    First off, you should do this with the right people. You should have one OR two people with skyhorn, and the rest with STR. Ok, now the walkthrough.

    Break out of the cages and kill the first two rooms. Go through the flying blades of death, and kill this mob. After you are finished, go through the blades of death. This part is easy if you have someone with Cannon barrel, not launcher.
    At the end of the blades, have someone lure the skeletons to the doorway. At that point, start hitting b. After enough of this you'll have killed all the mobs, or at least most of it. Then just continue to Sejul.

    You'll just have to beat em up for a while until they're done.

    Now that you've reached sejul, it's time to end this. Have the guy with skyhorn take care of the skeletons. The rest of you guys just attack Sejul. When you see him Move his hand to the left, run right, and vice-versa. It's easy with Sage and hg-a1, since he's attracted to physical hits, and Sage counts as exocore hits, and HG-A1 punch combo isn't physical. If one of you get caught in the circle thing where he catches you then blows you up, just punch it until it breaks, then run away. Continue with this until completed.

    Recommended Scrolls/Exos.
    Devil Shadow
    Cannon Barrel (for the last room)
    HG-A1 (Sejul's part)
    Hell Hand (Sejul's part)
    Suriya Crystal (Skeletons in the boss room.)
    Skyhorn (Skeletons in the boss room.)

    Besides the random statted clothes you can get, you can also get his exocore. You can get it in pieces,or if you're lucky, in it's entirety. As always, they're 3 pieces, then you can make it whole. In addition, they're also expensive items that you can resell for a nice profit. Those are:

    Everburning Candlestick - Sells for 3k Carat
    Slaughterer's Knife - Sells for 5k Carat
    Treasure Chest - Sells for 10k Carat (but don't count on it.

    Have fun on this BM guys, and I hope this guide helped you out.

    Al Hata
    Alright, here we go again. This time, we rolling with al hata. Many of you know this bm well, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

    Spawn, and run to the mob, kill, repeat, Kill repeat. Easy enough?

    Now here's some of Patrias Tricks for the boss

    1)Lure the mobs near typhoon, but don't get close enough as to letting him move
    2)Cannon barrel will eat his HP when you use it at the stairs

    Other than that, just hit him till his HP dies. When you see him charge up for a bit, run away, as it's unblockable. But it has an ATROCIOUS recovery, and you can get a nanmu on him when he's stuck in the floor.

    This might be difficult for first timers, and I recommend you do this with no less than 3 people. At the boss, you can do the Cannon barrel trick like in normal mode, but it won't eat as much HP. His attacks are the same, but the one problem that kills everyone in this bm are the Icicles that pop up on the ground. If you don't destroy em, they blow up, and everyone in the blast radius is continuously frozen until it wears off, making you easy pickings for Typhoon. Other than that, it's the same bm with him having more HP.

    Now, the best part. Like most other bms, typhoon has an exo, which you can get in pieces or, if you're lucky, as a whole. Other than that, you can get a mask and earrings which add SP I think, and the usual random clothes from the chests. But the best part of Al Hata is the high rate at which you get gems from it. Hard mode gives you gems at +2, and they cannot go lower than that.

    Have Fun Gem hunting! Very Happy

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    Re: How to complete Boss Modes. The pro way.

    Post  -ick- on Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:30 pm

    Nice contribution, keep it up.

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    Re: How to complete Boss Modes. The pro way.

    Post  UltimateAoe2 on Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:42 pm

    No need to make 2 separate threads on how to Boss mode.
    Post it in the same thread, just rename it to How to complete Boss Modes.

    Merged and renamed them for you.

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    Re: How to complete Boss Modes. The pro way.

    Post  +Patriaa+ on Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:17 pm

    Oh alright, I'll just use this thread. I just wanted to separate them so people could find them easily, but ok. Very Happy

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    Re: How to complete Boss Modes. The pro way.

    Post  sparkan on Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:20 pm

    now i kno where to get gems Very Happy, kewl

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    Re: How to complete Boss Modes. The pro way.

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